LFLJ Courchevel

(X-Plane 10.25+)

LFLJ view

Courchevel is a little airport on the French Alps at 6581 feet (2006 meters) of altitude and it's the international highest airport in Europe. The runway, heading 04/22, it's 525 meters long with a 18.5% gradient; you can land just on runway 22 (uphill) and take-off from the 04 (downhill). There is not a "go around" procedure. The airport is closed at night.



This airport's peculiarity (the sloped runway) has been recreated with XMeshCore tool (no more supported), modyfing the meshes following the SIA's charts. It was not possible to modify precisely all the terrain, because Laminar Research doesn't support any tool to check and modify the triangles vertices, so with XMeshCore tool you must blindly proceed checking and modifying the scenery so many times (and this is a very time-consuming work). Anyway I tried to recreate, where possible, the site caracteristics although there are imperfections (i.e. the little apron in front of SAF's hangar is sloped). It is mandatory that the "Runways follow terrain contours" option is enabled, otherwise you lose all the best of this airport. Last information: since X-Plane manage the meshes just with 1x1 tiles, it was necessary publish all the tile (the file 315 Mb long): I splitted the files so if there'll be an update, you dont' have to redownload all the package.
The airport is closed at night, so I added just some "service" light (in front of the hangar, the firestation and the hotels/restaurants). Noone forbids you taking-off in the middle of the night (although is not a "real" situation) but be awared that neither the runway nor the apron have lights.


You must downloads these packages:
http://www.skyone.it/flightsim/LFLJ/RH_LFLJ_TERRAIN.7z (315 Mb) - Alternate link
http://www.skyone.it/flightsim/LFLJ/RH_LFLJ_OVERLAY.7z (786 Kb)
http://www.skyone.it/flightsim/LFLJ/LFLJ.7z (60 Mb) - Last update: 28/10/2014

For any update, just download the last file.

Did you like this scenery? Threat me to a coffee or a beer! :-)


Decompress the packages you downloaded in X-Plane's \Custom scenery\ folder. With a text editor, modify the scenery_packs.ini file adding the following lines:

Be careful: you must add the first line "on top", where you already have your custom airports, while you must add the two "RH_LFLJ_..." in the bottom part, where you already have a photoreal scenery. If you have another photoreal (maybe from SimHeaven), you must remove it from the folder.

It's necessary to have the OpensceneryX
library installed.

Credits and aknowledgements

The best aknowledgement is to Roman, XMeshCore author, that gave me his meshes (with winter textures) and permitted me to modify them.
Another aknowledgement to Guy Némoz from http://www.vf-air.com/ that permitted to use Altibar's textures: merci Guy!
The "air controller" object is from "People LIB 1.1" available on www.x-plane.org; the french flag is from the "Flags of the world" library, still on www.x-plane.org
And last but not least, my friends Cekko and Skyro and all the X-Plane Italia's forum (http://www.x-plane.it) beta testers: ClaF, i8aaq, adler58, Stefano, arzach900 e SPAS (without any specifical order).

Known problems

To do list...


v. 0.1: first beta testing release

v. 0.2: A working clock on the hangar added (thanks Cekko for the idea and the right datarefs!). Runway and apron textures fixed; starting point on runway fixed too.

v. 0.3: Railing rebuilded, AFIS frequency (this is the only service available at Courchevel) added, farm builded.

v. 0.4: Clock fixed (now the hour's needle is moving correctly), forests added, way to the farm added too (poor farmers ;-) ). AI traffic routes created.

v. 0.5: Cap Horn, lights and signs added; first public beta release

v. 1.0: first public release